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At Amplify Consulting Group, we specialize in interim and fractional financial services that serve higher education institutions, independent schools, and non-profit organizations’ unique needs.

Our focus lies in maximizing economic efficiency and stability by partnering with key stakeholders throughout your organization to ensure the continuous delivery of your mission while ensuring long-term financial sustainability.

We give our clients the freedom to…

Fill in the gaps in your financial leadership

Facilitate digital transformation for increased efficiency

Identify growth opportunities through strategic assessments

Evaluate your operations to mitigate risks and drive long-term success

Enhance your decision-making with data-driven insights

Reap the benefits of certified finance and accounting professionals without the investment of a full-time support staff

Tap into the latest research in higher education strategic planning and enrollment management

“Simply put, our goal is to provide you with the financial expertise and business acumen you need to shift your focus back to what truly matters: confidently delivering your mission.”


Amplify Consulting Group provides specialized interim and fractional financial services with a niche focus on serving the unique needs of the higher education, independent schools, and non-profit sectors.


At Amplify Consulting Group, we partner with organizations to offer a wide range of services that are designed to assist your unique financial leadership and support needs.

Hourly Consulting

Project-based work

Retainer-based arrangements for ongoing support

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